Osho says: “A buddha is love, a Jesus is love – not in love with a particular person, but simply love. Their very climate is love. It is not addressed to anybody in particular, it is spreading in all directions. Whosoever comes close to a buddha will feel it, will be showered by it, will be bathed in it. And it is unconditionally so. “

A lot of efforts have been made to explain and define love. The qualities of love, the kinds of love. Brotherly, sexual, love that a parent feels for their child, friendly and many other types. Many kinds, many labels. Which is the essence though? What is that love that everybody is searching for, what are they trying to explain and what are they trying to conquer?
I find that the most exact definition of love is in the origins of the word “agapo” which is greek for the word love. agapo= ago + pan = I am going to the ALL, to the ONE.

What is truly love?

My experience has showed me that love is not a feeling, its not an idea. It is a state, it is a vibration, an energy that stems from inside. As Osho says, you are love; it is not something that you feel for specific people. Your whole existence is love. It is a state where your definitions are not existent and you become one with everything, with the One, with the Divine. So you do not love, love is not an act. You become love! It is not external, it is internal. It does not depend on blood ties, faces, characters and personalities, it does not depend on financial, political and other kind of situations. These are not love, these are terms of likeness, attraction, logical reasonings for decision making.

Love is beyond logical understanding, you cannot explain it with why’s and when you can then it is not love … its conditioning, reasons, external acknowledgments and beliefs.

That is why you cannot love somebody and not love somebody else. You either are love, or you are not. It is without limits because it cannot be contained in a person, it is what you truly are … not limits, no definitions, perfect each moment, divine at every step, whole, total.

Many books have written about Masters that where on this planet and healed people just by being near them, these where called miracles! But how can we understand such a thing in a world where everything is logical, where everything has to be scientific? How can we comprehend the love that Buddha, Jesus, Osho and so many others talk about? How can we understand their experience? We can not. There is no mental understanding of such a state, there is only experiential understating. In order to be able to understand, you have to experience it, to feel that moment where you become love, where your Essence is one with everything, where you do not exist (in the way you understand and define yourself), where you become one with everything, where you are all and nothing at the same time. And again when you experience it you will not be able to explain it as there are no words to describe it and transfer its true being.

When somebody is in such an energetical vibration, when somebody IS love, the only thing that exists is perfection. Emotional perfection, mental and physical. The people that are in this state, truly find who they are, perfect inside and out. It is something addictive, that creates intense euphoria that cannot be compared with any other experience on this planet.

These are the reasons that we are all looking for true love inside of us, it is who we are, it is our real image. We have been taught to wait for somebody to love us because we are good, beautiful, proper, extreme, seductive and so many other stereotypes that we try on during our life, just so that somebody comes and loves us. This myth of the princess and the prince that they fall in love with one another because they are beautiful, good and brave. Suddenly they are happy and they have become whole (one with the All) because somebody has loved them. In our life however even these kind of loves make their cycles and sometimes they come to an end. Where does that leave us? Alone and without love?

True love can never be compared with external desires or love that exists in circumstances. The external will always be temporary and always flow. The internal however is not affected by timely constrictions, it is always there, eternal. The union with the One, our transformation into love will always be something humanity is striving for either knowingly or unknowingly.

So lets knowingly start our transformation by stopping any effort to convince others that we love them without limits, because of various reasons, because we have to or because it makes sense.

Let’s just become love, then everybody around us will know and feel what we are, without us needing to explain. Without reasons and without limits.