I am sitting behind a window, looking outside. I watch people walking, I look at them and I wonder. Do they know they are walking? Do they know that their brain is sending non-stop messages to their body to go forward, or to look right and left, to bring one leg in front of the other? Do they know they are thinking?

As beautiful as everything around us is, do we have the patience to see them? Do we have the patience to enjoy them? To dedicate 5 minutes in this simple non-doing?

My experience has shown me that most of us feel that we don’t have time to dedicate to something that we know and believe that will help our everyday life, and subsequently our life in general.

For example, it is scientifically proven that meditation helps in the oxygenation of the brain, relaxing the muscles and distressing. How many of us dedicate even 5 minutes in a quiet and calm environment, meditating?

How many of us allow ourselves this enjoyment?

How many of us enjoy our children? Dedicate time to look at them, talking to them and smiling at them? Letting them process us, ask us questions and sing to us, explain to us how they understand life?

The sickness of today is running! We are always running. Eating in a hurry, waking up in a hurry, working in a hurry, driving in a hurry, speaking in a hurry, making love in a hurry. We do everything with haste and consequently, we do not give them the necessary care and attention. We do not have enough time during the day to do what we feel we need to do or to complete what we have taken on. Is this because we have too many responsibilities that are impossible to complete or is it because we do not have the necessary composure and tranquility in order to be able to concentrate on the specific action and see it through? Consequently, when we act, we are thinking at the same time all the other things we have to see, though, hence, not allowing ourselves the concentration needed and not being able to complete an action that would probably take 30 minutes of full concentration and attentiveness to be finished.

Therefore the problem is lying in both factors – too many responsibilities and no concentration on the act being done because of the too many tasks we have given ourselves or that have been relied on us. It is a vicious cycle without beginning and end.

The story is repeating itself, our day is repeating … and we arrive at the point where we are waiting for the holidays, for our days off and the weekends to spend this precious time with our self. Unfortunately, this does not work out. When the time comes when we have some available time to spend on ourselves we decide that we have other things to do… We need to clean, to see our friends, to socialize, to watch tv, to listen to the radio and one thousand other things that occupy our minds.

Why? Because we have not learned to spend time with ourselves, we have not been taught to be comfortable with what we are, to accept and recognize our feelings and actions. We do not want and we avoid spending the time to consider our emotions and our actions, we are just covering them up with more actions and images, with excuses and explanations.

This is why our life is a repetition; this is why we repeat the same things and the same situations, with different characters. The same mistakes, the same personalities, the same “traps”. When you don’t get to meet yourself then you are in no position of recognizing the behaviors that you are repeating, the things in your life that are similar, the keys that are given to you and you choose to ignore.

One of the biggest problems of today’s businesses is the time-management of their executives and employees and the increase in their productivity. They see that their employees or even their executives do not produce satisfactory or that they do not have enough time to produce what they have undertaken or what is expected of them during a working day. The result? Greater pressure from the employers to their subordinates in order to increase production, less productivity because of stress or lowering quality due to greater productivity.

Sometimes we assume that certain things do not have any relationship between them. The truth is that everything is interrelated, the way we handle ourselves is interconnected with the way we handle our work, with how effective we are in completing a task or the way we handle unforeseen issues that come up daily. Handling ourselves implies that we know ourselves; that we understand who we are. And how can you improve your quality of life if you do not recognize who you are, what bothers you, to what things you react, what makes you feel hurt and why, what is stressing you?

You can bring yourselves in the position where you will be able to handle a task with full concentration and attentiveness by learning more about yourself. You can learn to control your life and not be just a victim of the situations happening. When you clean your mind when you learn to keep your thoughts from interfering with the task at the moment when you are able to enjoy a single moment without thinking about tomorrow or yesterday. You can create your life, instead of fighting with the waves. By just dedicating time to yourself, knowing yourself, you are able to transform your life.