When the lights go out and everything stops, that is when your inner world starts talking. It tells you your story, everything that has happened to you that day, everything that happened yesterday, last year and your whole life. It shows you how it was, exactly the way you saw it, the way you remember it.

All your thoughts are coming up to you and all your actions, nothing remains hidden in the silence of the night. Darkness reveals everything, all the secrets you haven’t shared with anybody until now.

What you wanted to do but never dared to, what you lack, what you love and fear not to loose. The choices you made and the ones you are still going to make, the rights and wrongs that others have told you, where you belong to and who you are. Night reveals everything to you, it allows nothing to hide in her darkness.

People say “shed some light” to see the truth, but the truth is hidden in the light, in the movement of the day, in the thousand and much more distractions that are keeping you, away from you. The truth comes in the night, when you are quiet enough to listen to it, it talks to you, it shows you everything, your inner self, what you are hiding deep inside.

You might be afraid of her, not to want to listen. You might try to leave her outside the bedroom door. You might even turn the light on, the tv or even try to put some music on. But, the night will insist; it always comes. You will not be able to avoid her for ever. Slowly, slowly your day will be harder, busier, more tiring; because day and night go together. They are sisters in this story that you chose to live.

One holds the others hand and they are talking about their children; the younger ones that they still believe they can chose one over the other. That have forgotten that these sisters go together, they are joined and together they are dancing a never ending dance on the farthest star. Where one day they will become one, as everything there is filled with nights and days.

So, when the night comes tonight, don’t close the door. Listen to her, she has a lot to tell you and a lot to teach you. And every night when she comes back, she will be sweeter. Until the day that you will be expecting her to come, to hug you and wrap you inside of her, like the time when you were in your mother’s belly. Like the time before you came into this world.