The Power to Change

Activating the Heart’s Intelligence



The best of both worlds: 

the Age of  Science and Spirituality

With the research of HeartMath Institute you will be able to understand the science of the Heart. With the individually created Heart Imagery exercises for this workshop you will also be able to internalise and experience the information you will receive and transform them from knowledge into wisdom.

This workshop is designed to help you increase your energy throughout the day and improve your everyday life. 

The heart is more than just a pump in the body, the intelligence that it contains and transmits is inside and all around our body. The moment we learn to truly connect with our heart the life changes and a new dynamic is created.

 With HeartMath® tools and Heart Imagery Techniques


Some of the topics of the workshop:

Energetics of the Heart

Listen to Your Body – Emotions and Physiology

Access your Intuition

Connect with your Heart Field and the Planetary Field

Heart Imagery Exercises

About HeartMarth®

HeartMath® is a unique system of rigorous scientific research, validated techniques, leading-edge products and programs and advanced technologies for people interested in personal development and improved emotional, mental and physical health.

With HeartMath® you GAIN:

  • the self-motivated ability to manifest and complete your goals
  • to empower yourself and achieve balance and fulfillment in today’s increasingly stressful world.

Is it really possible that there is a hidden power of the heart so magnificent, so intelligent, so available that it can help you achieve balance and have fulfillment in life?

Most people have never known how to self-activate the frequency of calmness and harmony within their hearts and keep it going with the stress of daily life.

Many people feel unloved, hopeless and alone. It is natural for people to discover and search for this frequency of calmness and harmony in times of crisis.

However, we can contact this force and this energy even prior to arriving at a moment of crisis.

HeartMath® has proved that everyone has this source power, the power of fulfillment, within. A power that can change the stress-producing attitudes and perspectives of this world.

The heart contains an unlimited source of higher intelligence programs for making efficient choices in life and Anybody can access these programs!

The heart can bring in the highest intelligence and the brain translates this intelligence into intuitive thoughts, words or images we that we can understand it.

With HeartMath® technology you:

  • train
  • achieve personal coherence
  • increase mental clarity

The HeartMath® techniques teach you to focus attentively at the core of your heart and begin to experience the heart as the drive for life-force, supplying you vitality and energy. Your heart intelligence offers you programs completely different from the mind programs, usually, the mind runs programs of fear and insecurity when it is not connected with the heart intelligence. Once you use your heart intelligence into your awareness you will get in a process that can give you high-speed answers for your big and small choices in life. By choosing to activate and feel your heart intelligence you widen your receptivity and you will understand fear and insecurity prior they happen.


About Heart Imagery®

Heart Imagery is an ancient system that originates from ancient Tibetan, Sumerian and Vedic schools. It teaches you how to balance your mental, emotional and physical bodies and it harmonizes your energy.

Heart Imagery exercises are not a series of answers. They are a set of keys; keys that allow you to access your inner world and truly see for yourself the wonders that lie within.

Heart Imagery does not ask worshipping of Masters. It asks you to become a Master; to develop your own inner awareness within to bring a quality of light and love in all that you do.

The master in you is now asleep. The servant mind, is playing the role of master. The servant is not even your servant; it is created by the outside world, a slave that follows the outside world and its laws.

Once you awaken your awareness through these specialized, but easy to implement, Heart Imagery exercises, the illusion of the slavery created by your mind burns away. You become the Master of your own destiny.

In Heart Imagery you learn to surrender, to let your ego disappear. Heart Imagery is series of “minor surrenders” that prepare you for the major, the ultimate surrender, wherein you lose your ego to allow the flow of light and energy stream into you!