The Power of the Heart and Inner Healing



8-9 April, Istanbul, Turkey

A beautiful 2-day workshop with myself on day 1 and the renown Meditation Master Daniel Mitel on day 2.

On day 1 we will be discussing the connection between the heart and the brain, loaded with scientific information, exercise and of course biofeedback analysis with HeartMath’s EmWave device.


Information & Registration: 

Please contact, phone numbers 0212 284 00 99 or 0543 360 90 49.

Venue: Trust Human Academy, Sedir Sokak, No: 6 Akatlar, 34335 Istanbul



More information about the topics below:

DAY 1 – The Secret Power of the Heart with Agathi

Main topics: -Awareness: Awakening of your true potential -The power to recover from difficult situations -Heart and brain communication -The Emotions of your body -Reconnection with the Earth’s energy -The science of change.


DAY 2 – Meditation and Inner Healing Day with Daniel Mitel

Main topics: -The Tibetan Healing -Cleaning your body meditation -The Immortals: How to use correct the sexual energy: Ancient Egyptian System and Ancient Tibetan System -Unity Consciousness Grid Meditation.