Self-realization means just knowing your Self. How could it be against your vocation? How could it be against anything that you wish to do in your life? I am asking you, how can you live an effective life without knowing anything about yourself? People are trying to teach each other how to be confident without knowing anything about the life process. Confidence without clarity is a disaster.


Saghguru speaks about self-realisation, about the ultimate way in which you can consciously choose what is good and what is right for your life. Today most workshops teach how to create your life, how to succeed in what you want, how to achieve your goals ignoring the foundation, not paying attention to the base and the source of all wanting, of all goals and creations.

How can we know what we want if we do not have clarity? And if don’t have clarity how do we know that what we want is really going to bring to our true desires and needs?

Krishnamurti said: Imagine you are lost in a forest. What are you going to do?

Are you going to continue running in the forest without knowing where you are and where you are going or are you going to stop until you find the direction in which you need to go in order to get out of the forest?

Today a big percentage of the population of this planet looks like is running lost in the forest. Without knowing where they are going, and sometimes without knowing they are lost. They are just running without how and why.

It is surprising, to be lost in the forest and while looking for something to help you find your way out, to find instead of that, the confidence to continue running lost in the forest!

It is not my intention to create negative emotions or disappointment, my intention is to emphasise the source of our problem, the base we need to build on our desires, our needs, and our wants.

Sadhguru talks about self-realisation. What else can be more important than to get to know yourself, than to listen to your own internal voice? Only when you stop you will be able to listen. Only when you sit quietly you will get the chance to get to know your true self. Nobody can show it to you and nobody can introduce it to you. Only you can find it.

It might sound like I am repeating the same old stories or that it has been discussed over and over; it is of no importance. It has been overly discussed and it has been spoken thousands of times. From all the Masters that have known self-realisation, that liberated themselves from should and desires. It is the base of our existence, it is the Essence.