I am looking around me, trying to find her but she is nowhere to be found.

It seems like I have forgotten all about her but I have heard so much,

I haven’t seen her yet although I have been told so many things about her that it seems that I know her already.

They say that she is beautiful and once you see her, 

her image remains for ever in-you. She is majestic, and when you touch her, 

you know you have never felt this way before. 

Where is she hiding though? Why am I not able to see her? To hear her?

I am looking for her under rocks, but I can’t find her and I am already tired.

I am looking for her in the streets, asking people around me “We don’t know her, they tell me. We haven’t met her yet”

Will I ever meet her before I go to sleep?

Days and years have gone by and I have grown older. I have given up… i have stoped searching. It was just a myth, just something people used to say, i told myself. Now I am sitting without any hope of seeing her, I am not looking for her anymore.

Serenity is now sitting next to me. Every now and then we say a word to each other, contemplating the sea.