HeartMath One-on-One Coaching

Transform feelings of stress, anger, anxiety and frustration into more peace, clarity and vitality.  With our monitoring and training, you can easily and effectively manage stress and rebalance your mind and emotions.

Learn how to increase your heart coherence, a mind-body state directly associated with improved health, cognitive functioning – and a deeper sense of inner balance and happiness.

Get to use a bio-feedback device, a unique training system, with researched-based tools and games, that helps you build inner resilience and effectively deal with stressful feelings and life’s challenges.

More than 20 years of research shows that when we are in ‘heart coherence,’ our physical systems function more efficiently, resulting in emotional stability, mental clarity, and improved cognitive function.

Enjoy improved well-being, vitality, and mental clarity

marije Benefits

  • Reduce fatigue and exhaustion
  • Diminish personal and professional stress
  • Learn to switch from depleting emotions to emotions that renew your energy.
  • Learn and practice easy tools that help you balance yourself during your everyday life.
  • Gain insight into your shifting moods
  • Learn to focus on appreciation
  • Track your progress

For more information and in order to book a One-on-One HeartMath Coaching session please contact us. Sessions will be adapted to meet your individual needs.