Nutrition is a very important thing of our lives. We all eat in order to give our body fuel, energy, in order for it to be able to function properly. However what we sometimes miss to consider is that when we consume too much food or usually when we eat processed food the body has a very hard time digesting it and transforming it into the energy it needs to run. This is how our body starts to get sick with numerous diseases as it does not have the extra power to do what is programmed, which is to regenerate and heal its self.

Each person is unique and has a unique idiosyncrasy, however, there are some foods that are much healthier than others and are much easier to digest than other foods. This page is dedicated to Healthy Eating. It is not just Raw or just Fruits and Vegetables. It is a mixture of a lot of different kinds of food from different cultures that resonate with me and perhaps you resonate with some too.

Let us care and love our bodies, as they are the vehicle we chose in this lifetime to experience all this beauty!!!

 Intelligent Nutrition workshop coming soon!

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