While this is a subject of great discussion there is still great confusion out there. A few days ago we were invited to speak at a school in Norway, in front of a class filled with children, our children, our future. While their questions were very intelligent and very insightful what caught my attention, and what was asked of me to answer, was about nutrition and dietary habits.

The question was how relevant is our way of life with our dietary habits and whether spirituality is connected with our diet.

My answer was very simple; we just need to learn to listen to ourselves, to trust our body. Our life and our diet are not written manuals that we all need to follow; it is unique and adjustable to each one of us.

The truth is that trusting ourselves relates to our level of consciousness. The more we get to know our true essence the more we get clarity and trust ourselves in all aspects of our lives, including our diet. The more we come to know our Inner Self the easier it becomes to give our body the energy it needs by consuming less food or changing our dietary plan.

During my experience, I have noticed that my diet is changing according to with how balanced and harmonized is my emotional, mental and physical body and little by little the desire for a different kind of food is leaving me. This change comes from reading and being open to new information, from different kind of books and through meditation.

Meditation is an essential part of awareness because as you become more aware of who you are you are becoming more aware of what your body needs or doesn’t. So the question I ask you today is: How good is your communication with yourself? Can you filter the right messages that you get from your body or are you slaves of your desires and your taste, of your emotional and mental bodies?

My diet today is composed by vegetarian meals with no animal products. A lot of people are asking me, how can you do it? Isn’t it hard? Don’t you lack vitamins? Where do you take your protein from?

The truth is that being a vegetarian is something very easy, very simple. My body is much stronger than it used to be prior to changing my dietary habits and my diet is much more balanced, filled with vegetables and fruit. Myself? Filled with energy!

There is a magnitude of information online regarding this diet. Studies have demonstrated that a lot of food that, until today, we thought was necessary for our life is not just unnecessary but it might even damage our system. There are a number of documentaries you can watch and get a better idea about the dietary myths that rule our lives which are also supported by scientific research. Some of these documentaries are Forks Over Knives, Fat Sick and Nearly Dead and Hungry for Change. These are some examples that uncover some interesting perspectives of the way we feed ourselves and the way we treat our bodies.

There are a number of documentaries and research out there that speak about problems that are being caused in our body by the consumption of animal products and processed food. They are discussing the way animal products end up on our table and how they are treated in animal farming factories. In general, they reveal a lot of interesting information that has been sacrificed for so many years in the altar of profit.

Our power today is to be informed and the information is freely out there for us to find, we just need to be open and acceptant in listening something different, something else. Just study the information and see what resonates with you, what makes sense to you. After that just listen to your body and how it feels after you consume a glass of milk. After a meal that contains animal products. How easy it is to digest what you eat.

Just think how this food arrived on your plate before each meal. Which processing methods has it been through? Simple questions that make us more conscious of what we eat and how that affects us.

Food is something simple yet complicated.

It is simple because our body does not need complicated food or a combination of a lot of different types of ingredients in order to survive and be in good health. And it is complicated because today food has become a way to socialize, to satisfy emotional unbalances or just to satisfy belief patterns that were given by society, parents and industries.

It’s just another way to make a profit, to keep us busy; it’s just something to think about. Just food for thought …