I can hear my life running. It’s running, it’s moving. It does not stop to ask how and when it does not wait for me to catch up. It’s running alone, it’s flowing.

The few moments that I catch up, I ask: When will I manage to run with you? When will I catch up?
It answers: “When you stop chasing me”

The year is almost gone and we haven’t realised it. When did the year change and now is almost gone? We make a pause and think, what have I really done this year? What have I done of the essence; which goals did I achieve? Some years the answer is nothing, but this year has gone by itself, without me; goals and ideas have evolved on their own into something else, into something new, in things I could not even fathom.

What is different this year? All and everything! Releasing goals and dreams you arrive closer to life, sometimes you even flow with it. Anyhow our existence on this planet, in this body is showing us just that, the liquidity of everything. We keep changing, our body changes, our habits, our society, our interactions. Nothing remains the same besides, sometimes, our beliefs; these are usually the last to change. They are so deeply engraved in our minds that even when everything around us changes they are still trying to remain unaltered, they don’t want to get accustomed, they don’t want to transform.

Sometimes when we speak about ideals and values we see it as something positive. Why should they change? they should remain the same, strong values, constant values. Some other times, though, when the world has changed so much, society is altered, our environment different, our beliefs prevent us from flowing with them. The prevent us to enrich them, to learn from these changes, to process these changes in different ways. Fortunately or unfortunately everything changes and they will continue changing. Sometimes upwards, sometimes downwards.

So we wonder: “ Will I evolve with them or will I remain behind, to the old ways, looking for remains of my old life which do not exist anymore, which has changed; which has transformed.

I have set my intention, I have decided to flow with my new life, to take advantage of the new opportunities that come to me, to learn from them, to evolve.

In our life our goals force us to think of the future, they deter us from living in the present. Our concern, our focus is on them; on the goals, we want to realise, to the things we have to do to get there, to their planning and to the ways they have to be done.

We have been taught to wait for the accomplishment of a goal in order to allow ourselves to feel satisfaction, to say “well done”, to allow ourselves to feel proud. The truth is that rarely the accomplishment of a goal brings fulfilment and it rarely allows us to get to know ourselves better. Goals come and go, they become smaller or bigger but happiness, personal success, and peacefulness do not depend on their accomplishment.

For the past couple of years, I have learned not to have goals, not use something fixed as my guide to tomorrow. Sometimes I have to answer the question: “ If you do not have goals how can you grow? How can you evolve?”

Sometimes our goals prevent us from seeing our true accomplishment, they stop us from true success because sometimes success comes from something we never aimed for and sometimes success does not come from something we were aiming for. Life -and its path- is a mystery that flows and the truth is that no-one knows where it is going to lead.

So, instead of goals why not have intentions for transformation, for inner happiness, success, and the rest. For evolution and inner peace. These do not depend on external characteristics, they do not depend on our environment or people. These involve only us, our evolution, our path. They can exist anywhere, with material success or not, with career developing and without, with a partner or without, in our country or somewhere else. These prospects, this intention for happiness, for success, depends only on us, on our own path, in the small and seemingly insignificant choices we make.

Perhaps this way I will be able to catch up with my life… Allowing myself to let go, trusting the Intelligent Universe.