Identity and self-knowledge have long been a subject of discussion. It is even taught in Universities and workshops are being formulated around this subject. Courses are developing in order to help people find their true self, to figure out who they truly are. Some are successful and some are not, but what is important is that everybody comes across this question at a certain time of their life.

Who am I?

A lot of courses and workshops start by focusing on some questions that help you identify belief patterns and thought processes. Does it matter what other people think of you? Does it really change the way you see yourself if others perceive you successful, beautiful, powerful or rich? Do you think that it helps you in any way to create a better self-image or better self-esteem?

Throughout my workshops and training, I have found people struggling with their self-worth. With the way they perceive themselves and with ways to enhance their capabilities. The most common “mistake” in our understanding and in our wish or desire to change and improve ourselves, is that we do not see clearly who we are.

We have learned in our society and culture to identify ourselves based on identities that we usually were given, or we are still being given, by others. For example when people ask you “Who are you?” the answer usually is given in a form of a name, a country of origin and the person’s job. Do you usually find these answers complete? Do you feel that now you know these people? Do you feel they know themselves?

If you continue further into asking them about how they would characterize themselves you would get something like this: “I am strong, capable, and proficient”, “I believe I am clever, charismatic and very good at accomplishing my goals”. Does it sound any better now?  Do you know who they are? Do you think they know who they are?

We tend to label ourselves according to our status, origin, responses to situations etc. What we do not see on the surface, however, is that what we truly are, cannot be described and that it is constantly changing. By identifying ourselves with a job, an ethnicity, a religion or even a role, we shut out the part of us who is not this, the part of us that is constantly moving, flowing and expanding. We don’t allow ourselves to see this part which is the part that does wonders, that grows, that evolves, that is passionate and creative.

One thing that great minds have in common is that they did not characterize themselves with something and they did not identify themselves with others. They allowed themselves to blend or not to blend. They remained true to their desires and guides and thus they relied on their intuition and on the natural flow that allowed them to bring new things to this world.

Einstein said, “Imagination is more important than knowledge”. How can you use your imagination if everything in your life is fixed? How can you imagine if even yourself is a closely defined being that is predictable every step of the way? How can you bring something new if you don’t even allow yourself to be renewed, to act naturally to every situation that you face without blocking yourself in your own box of definitions and ideas of who you are?

It’s funny that usually, we have the deepest thoughts and the greatest ideas when we are on vacation and we are not home or at our workplace. We allow ourselves to be “free” when we are at a new place or even somewhere we do not frequently visit. When we are with people we don’t know, rather with our usual friends. That is when we allow ourselves to be true when we are not behaving in the usually automated way of our daily lives. A reason for this is that repetition is making us dull, we do not put all our focus on what we do repeatedly because we already know how to do it and we just proceed doing it mechanically while thinking about tomorrow or yesterday.

Today’s world is wondering how to be more passionate throughout their life, how to be more creative and innovative. There is no secret and there is no mystery, we just need to allow ourselves to be present in the moment, to connect with ourself and to accept ourself without judgment, without criticism. By allowing ourselves to be happy with who we are at all times, we allow our inner guidance to show us the greatness of life, we allow ourselves to be inspired and to create our life.

Tomorrow cannot be predicted. Now is the only moment in existence.