People often think about Judgment Day.  They strive to be good in order to be accepted into heaven, thinking that when the time comes they will make everything right and they will see the light.

What fails to be understood is that Judgment Day is here now. Judgment does not come from “God”. It comes from you. You are judging yourself every minute, every second, and every moment. You never stop judging yourself or others. You simply cannot!

Whichever path you have chosen for your life – a career in business, a life devoted to spirituality, a path dedicated to your children and your spouse; whatever it is you chose to do, you still judge. It is in your blood. It is in your subconscious. This is how you distinguish one from the other. This is how you have been taught to separate good from evil, and right from wrong; by knowing what is nice and what is unpleasant, judging according to your perception what is acceptable and what is not.

Judgment is not necessarily bad, however, it is something if not faced and recognized, will guide your life in an unconscious way. Judgment creates guilt, and guilt is an obstacle to growth. It does not allow you to expand because when you are ready to fly it brings you back and tells you no, you cannot, you are not there yet, this is not you, you are not ready, no, no, not now.

Judgment accompanied by emotions runs in your system. It stays there and consumes you. On the other hand, observation helps you accumulate information and frees you from obstacles.

Observation is a higher level of seeing things without attaching emotions or energy. You just observe – watching the characters, and watching the emotions. In this way, you are not affected and you are not tempted to label what you are observing in any way.

This does not mean that you cannot see the easier path or the blockage that is arising from the situation; it means that you do not become attached to it.  It does not hurt you nor make you happy. It just is.

Through observation, you can recognize patterns and therefore stop the repetition.

It is not hard to jump from judgment to observation; you just need willingness and preparation. You must prepare yourself to recognize your emotions and your thoughts, listening to yourself and acknowledging your reactions without labeling them or judging them as right or wrong. You are then released from old thought patterns and from limiting beliefs. By accepting that everything is probable and possible and that all is coming from One Unity consciousness – from One “God”, the idea of good and evil becomes an illusion. The idea of right and wrong becomes simply a perception inherited from the way you were taught to think, from the paradigms that society gave you and from what you inherited from your parents.

All you need to do is open up and see the world as a newborn sees it with no preconceived ideas, but with an excitement to explore and expand through each experience.

Also, change is constant and the more we refuse to accept and flow with it the “harder” it can become. The moment we truly comprehend that it is easier to let go of all our preconceived ideas about who we are, about what the world is and about structured creations of society, then we can allow the natural sequence to come through and gently change everything and help us expand into our true nature.

The earth changes so beautifully through the seasons, it does not refuse to be summer or autumn or winter or spring, it just changes accordingly and so is amazingly beautiful.

Let us all accept and open up to our dream world, our dream state and let’s all try to see the beauty all around us, in every human, in every creature, in every river, in every stone.

Let 2015 help to enlighten us and allow us to see what a miracle creation and life is!