You are Love, you do not love!

Osho says: “A buddha is love, a Jesus is love – not in love with a particular person, but simply love. Their very climate is love. It is not addressed to anybody in particular, it is spreading in all directions. Whosoever comes close to a buddha will feel it, will be showered by it, will be bathed in it. And it is unconditionally so. “ A lot of efforts have been made to explain and define love. The qualities of love, the kinds of love. Brotherly, sexual, love that a parent feels for their child, friendly and many other...

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Journeys into the Heart – Larnaca, Cyprus

JOURNEYS INTO THE HEART is based on a series of experiences of Masters and Mystics from all over the world since the inception of the human race.
This workshop constitutes one of the most important spiritual works in the world that teaches people to enter into the space of the heart.

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The Power of the Heart – Larnaca, Cyprus

A beautiful 1-day workshop were we will be discussing the connection between the heart and the brain, loaded with scientific information, exercises and biofeedback analysis with the HeartMath’s EmWave device.

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The overly – discussed self-realisation

Self-realization means just knowing your Self. How could it be against your vocation? How could it be against anything that you wish to do in your life? I am asking you, how can you live an effective life without knowing anything about yourself? People are trying to teach each other how to be confident without knowing anything about the life process. Confidence without clarity is a disaster. Sadhguru Saghguru speaks about self-realisation, about the ultimate way in which you can consciously choose what is good and what is right for your life. Today most workshops teach how to create...

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