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Agathi Chris


Workshops that are designed to guide you find better balance in your everyday life and unlock your true self

Group Sessions

In small group sessions we get to go deeper into your own experiences and find specific exercises and techniques that work for you

Heart Imagery

An ancient technique that helps you balance your mental, emotional and physical body



Awakening the Illuminated Heart workshop, the unique teachings of Drunvalo Melchizedek

Group Sessions

Different journeys with meditation, heart imagery, exercises and tools to practise

The School of the Heart

Our world-wide organisation dedicated to helping people remember who they really are.



13may(may 13)7:00 am16(may 16)7:00 amFeaturedAwakening the Illuminated Heart


13may(may 13)7:00 am16(may 16)7:00 amFeaturedAwakening the Illuminated Heart


12jun(jun 12)7:00 pm13(jun 13)7:00 pmHeart Imagery: Healing and Emotional Clarity

14jun(jun 14)7:00 am15(jun 15)7:00 amHeart Imagery: Healing and Emotional Clarity Teacher Training

Ready to take the Journey to your Heart?

Now is the time for you to join thousands people from around the world ready to change their life! 

Which Journey is right for me?

From workshops, live or pre-recorded, to sessions with groups of 5-6 people, choosing which way works for you is the first step.

What is the difference between the live workshops?

Heart Imagery workshop is a powerful work that balances the emotional, mental and physical bodies. The technique and exercises practiced are simple and can be done by people without prior meditation experience. This is the first healing system that was practiced on our planet, 40000 years ago.

ATIH workshop is a 4 day meditation workshop that is designed to help you enter your heart. With powerful exercises and meditations you take a beautiful journey from the brain to the heart – a distance of only 12 inches, yet a journey that used to take lifetimes…

Where can I find the available pre-recorded online workshops?

You can find all are available recorded workshops and meditations at www.members.theschooloftheheart.com

Do you still have questions?

Remember who you really are

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My Approach

Have you ever asked yourself if you feel fulfilled? If you haven’t then do so !

When I asked myself this question more than 10 years ago, my Inner Journey began. Everything came together for the Universe to show me what is fulfilment, what is Oneness. If you are here, I guess you are on this journey as well! All it takes is a minuscule amount of curiosity and lots of excitement …

With techniques like Heart Imagery, Heart Meditations and some technology (if you like that sort of thing!) you will be able to connect with your Divine Essence that will guide you through your journey in life.




Solar impulse interview

An interview at Solar Impulse Tv discussing our coaching with Bertrand Piccard, different methods and how interesting it was being part of the Solar Impulse project.

Interview in cyprus tv (greek language)

An interview at MEGA Channel Cyprus discussing the importance of stress management, improving performance and the power of creativity in companies and individuals. Related with our Solar Impulse project.

Conversations with Drunvalo and daniel

Filmed on December 2nd, 2018

Melchizedek Teachings (part I)

Melchizedek Teachings (Part 1): Melchizedek Consciousness – Drunvalo Melchizedek gives an update on June 16, 2019 in Sedona about Melchizedek Teachings in a talk with Agathi Chris and Daniel Mitel, who is filming the discussion.  This is part 1 of 5.