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Agathi holds the belief that everybody has the ability to motivate themselves. As a HeartMath® Trainer, she also uses HeartMath’s biofeedback devices in her Training and Coaching. One of her main focuses is to train people on how to be aware of their emotional state and how to be able to self-regulate. She helps people focus on their individual ability to be the best they can be, improving performance and resilience and achieving optimal performance.


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Upcoming Workshops

02apr(apr 2)11:00 am06(apr 6)11:00 amFeaturedLanguage of the Heart© Workshop – Sedona, Arizona


12feb(feb 12)10:00 am14(feb 14)10:00 amJourneys into the Heart - Teacher Training, Athens, Greece

17feb(feb 17)10:00 am18(feb 18)10:00 amHeart Imagery©: Cleaning the Past and Self-Renewal - Teacher Training, Athens, Greece


02apr(apr 2)11:00 am06(apr 6)11:00 amFeaturedLanguage of the Heart© Workshop – Sedona, Arizona

HeartMath® provides tools that connect us with the heart of “who we truly are” for living healthier, fulfilling lives and building a brighter future.

Published Articles

The overly – discussed self-realisation

Self-realization means just knowing your Self. How could it be against your vocation? How could it be against anything that you wish to do in your life? I am asking you, how can you live an effective life without knowing anything about yourself? People are trying to...

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Motivate Yourself and Solar Impulse

Solar Impulse is one of the biggest environmental projects going on today. Two pioneers flying a solar aeroplane around the world without using any fossil fuel. A project that inspires people around the world and that carries an important message: Yes, we can live in...

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Become a TSOTH Teacher

Internationally renowned Master of Meditation, Daniel Mitel, has founded The School of the Heart to train teachers around the world so that they may help more and more people understand their intimate connection with their Inner Selves and remember what it means to live in the Heart.
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Are you ready to motivate yourself and your organisation? Do you want to transform yourself and your team?

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A project with Motivate Yourself team and SOLARIMPULSE

The Motivate Yourself team worked closely with Bertrand Piccard in order to help him increase vigilance, focus and a coherent state of being. With a variety of self-regulation techniques our team was committed to assisting the pilot, and Chairman of the SOLARIMPULSE project, through the tough and extreme circumstances he experienced while flying, and managing the SOLAR IMPULSE project.
Using spinal breathing, HeartMath techniques, Heart Imagery, awareness exercises and static Tai Chi we successfully met our objective of improving his ability to manage his mental, emotional and physical state of being. This allowed him to make clear decisions under extreme stress, perform optimally throughout the project and reduce fatigue.


Interview about coaching Bertrand Piccard at Solar Impulse Tv

An interview at Solar Impulse Tv discussing our coaching with Bertrand Piccard, different methods and how interesting it was being part of the Solar Impulse project.


MEGA Channel Cyprus Interview

An interview at MEGA Channel Cyprus discussing the importance of stress management, improving performance and the power of creativity in companies and individuals. Related as well with our current project with Solar Impulse.